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AVS TV - The popular television network comes to the iPhone! Watch video clips, read news articles, enter to win prizes, and view the latest photos all within the AVS TV iPhone App - Updated 24/7!

What is Bollywood?
Bollywood is the term given by the west to the prolific Indian Film Industry. India is the worlds largest producer of films in various languages. These films are an integral part of the South Asian culture and the thread that binds the community worldwide. Bollywood has gone mainstream with the success of the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Bollywood stars also have an extensive global fan base who follow their work religiously. The industry is growing as more filmmakers, stars and creative talent share their passion for music, drama, dance and adventure....or as its fondly called Bollywood!

What is AVS?
AVS - Asian Variety Show is a weekly capsule that encompasses the best of Bollywood and beyond. Established in North America in 1987, AVS TV Network has been leading the way in providing top quality entertainment to millions of viewers hungry for Bollywood entertainment. Each episode is produced in English so people from around the world can enjoy what the South Asian community has come to love.

What can AVS do for you?
With Bollywood expanding to a global audience, there is an increased demand for top quality entertainment shows that keep viewers informed and educated. AVS is the industry leader in providing the best Bollywood content with an international flare. Weve got crews in New York, Los Angeles, Canada, London and of course, Mumbai, India that cover all the major entertainment news stories. AVS is the perfect vehicle to reach the South Asian community and beyond.

The Program
Each episode of AVS is packed with the best South Asian entertainment available anywhere. Viewers are transported into the glamorous world of Bollywood through our uniquely packaged program.
- Bollywood Movie News
- Top Ten Music
- Star Interviews
- Red Carpet premieres
- Global Box office reports
- Pop music scene
- Fashion
Internationally recognized hosts, state of the art graphics and top notch presentation is what you can expect week after week.
Sample the show and clips @ AVSTV.com

The lowdown:
- Two decades of experience
- State of the art Bollywood programming
- New episodes every week (30min or 60min)
- Presented in English to reach a mass audience
- A perfect addition to your international programming line up

Its exciting * Its informative * Its affordable!

DISCLAIMER: Apple is not a sponsor of contests hosted by AVS TV.